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Our passion for tea extends far beyond our drinks.  All of our stores strive their best to provide a warm and inviting teahouse experience to our guests.  At Feng Cha, we go to great lengths to source quality ingredients for our teas and fine pastries and are constantly innovating and testing new products to bring our family of stores new and exciting launches.  Our stores boast contemporary design and a modern aesthetic.  Even the music we play is carefully curated to find what is currently up to date to ensure an enjoyable and relaxing experience. 

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Although experience is not required to run a Feng Cha franchise store, we do prefer franchisees who have past experience in management or have run a business previously. 

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Market Avaialability

Please reach out to us to learn market availability.

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We are looking for passionate individuals that understand what it takes to manage a store effectively while keeping quality of products and customer satisfaction paramount. 

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Running a business is not easy, and to ensure a smooth and successful operation, we do need to make sure that our franchisees have enough resources to conquer any upcoming obstacles

It makes us so happy to see people of all ages, backgrounds and interests come to us to chat, hang out, study and work.  And we are looking to build that family.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I obtain more information about opening a Feng Cha franchise?
    • Please fill out the Franchise Inquiry Form and our representative will reach out to you with more detailed information.
  • How long is the entire process of becoming a Feng Cha franchisee?
    • It can take about two to eight months, or even longer depending on many factors such as site selection, time for renovations, etc. 
  • I have a great location for a Feng Cha store!
    • We are looking to continue expanding.  If you have a great spot for our brand concept, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Franchise Inquiry Form.
  • Do I qualify to become a Feng Cha franchisee? 
    • Passion: the main factor we look for when selecting a franchisee.  Resources: at least $200k in liquid assets.  Management Experience: not required, but preferred.  Commitment: The franchisee needs to commit sufficient time to store operations.  
  • Do you provide any initial training and opening assistance?
    • We provide training and opening assistance to ensure you are equipped with the right tools to make your store a success.  Our representatives are backed with extensive knowledge in all aspects of franchise development, including: 
      • Executive Management 
      • Operations 
      • Franchise Development 
      • Construction, Architectural Services & Site Plans 
      • Marketing
      • Accounting 
      • Training 
      • Franchise Consultation
      • Equipment Specification
      • Store Signage
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